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Modern Art

Kimberly Dawn Salib, artist statement:

"I paint because I am fascinated with color. I create artwork of varying sizes, hues and textures. What is consistent in my paintings is that in each one I try to capture motion and explore original, contemporary possibilities with the traditional mediums of oil painting and canvas."

Salib enjoys working with lush pastel hues of the French Impressionists and tries to create paintings that are visually pleasing, that evoke emotion and that bring energy into a room. Salib attended Georgetown University. Her work has been exhibited throughout the northeast.


"Mermaid's Tears" 48" x 48"
by Kimberly Dawn Salib
Mermaids Tears


"Water Song" 30" x 40"
by Kimberly Dawn Salib
Water Song


Kimberly Dawn Salib


"Bangkok" 48" x 48"
by Kimberly Dawn Salib


"Venetian Plaster with Jewels" 48" x 32"
by Isha Nelson

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